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Picking The Right Attorney Is Important…….

How do you know you are picking the right attorney? You look to the attorney’s experience. How many years has he been practicing law? What type of cases has he handled over his career? You wouldn’t want a tax attorney handling your car accident case. The same way you wouldn’t want a personal injury attorney handling your taxes. Does the attorney have experience on both sides of the aisle? These are all questions you want to ask when hiring an attorney because the consultation is a job interview, you are the employer and the attorney is the potential employee.

So why should you hire Meridith Bond and let him get you the justice you deserve? Mr. Bond has been practicing law for over 50 years. He has always handled personal injury cases, car accident cases, motorcycle accident cases, trucking accident cases, and mass tort actions.

Mr. Bond started out his career as a personal injury defense attorney. This is important because he understands how the insurance companies think and operate inside and out. He understands what the defense attorney on the other side of your case is thinking. He doesn’t play the games other attorneys play because he sees straight through them and calls the insurance company’s bluff.

Mr. Bond takes a unique approach compared to other attorneys in Knoxville. Many attorneys in Knoxville claim they personally handle your case when in fact an associate does all of the work and likely gives you the case updates as well. You meet the “primary” attorney once and he pushes the work off on someone else. Mr. Bond doesn’t do that and believes each client deserves his personal attention. He handles all aspects of litigation, not just the initial meeting.

The Bond Law Firm places client care above all other priorities. If you have questions about your case, Mr. Bond will answer them. He has over 50 years experience and has recovered millions of dollars for his clients across Tennessee. The Bond Law Firm is by your side, on your side, every step of the way! Let Mr. Bond take care of you and your loved ones.

Call Mr. Bond at (865) 770-3741.

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