Property Damage- Things You Need To Know

Property Damage – Things You Need To Know

It is important to be sure you are properly insured when it comes to your motorcycle or vehicle. It has been my experience that many times clients do not understand exactly what the insurance company will and will not pay for. Just because you’ve been involved in an accident and your property has been damaged doesn’t mean that you will always walk away happy and satisfied. Many times, clients are disappointed to learn that the insurance company will only pay the blue book value of the vehicle. I encourage clients to do their own research and know the value of their vehicle before negotiating with the property damage adjuster. If you are driving an older vehicle often times this results in a totaled vehicle and not enough money to replace it. This can put you in a real bind. Likewise, if you’ve made modifications to your bike or vehicle and your insurance company was not aware, you may be out of luck. It is important to know your coverage. If you have a custom bike or automobile, be sure to have a conversation with your insurance agent to ensure that you are covered. It is true that it may cost you more money each month but that may be a small price to pay for a totaled vehicle. I always tell my clients to keep receipts for modifications and big ticket items so in the event the unthinkable happens you have proof of what that custom paint job cost, etc.

If you’ve been in an accident it is also important to know just what things are included in a property damage claim. For example, did you know that your jacket, helmet, boots, gloves, clothing, etc. are all a part of your property damage claim? Likewise, did you know that if your brand new laptop was in your vehicle and was damaged as the result of an accident, that too, is a part of your property damage claim.

If at any time, you feel like you are not being treated fairly or don’t feel comfortable dealing with the insurance adjuster, seek the advice of a personal injury attorney.

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